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Course Descriptions

Library Media Endorsement Courses

130 School Libraries (winter) 5
In typical K-12 school library settings, the role of the librarian, emphasizing coordination of curricular and student needs, and reading motivation, and the teaching of information literacy skills.

160 Computers in Libraries (spring) 5
An introduction to existing and emerging library-related technologies with a focus on effective use of catalogs, databases, and the Internet, integrated library systems, library websites, accessing and downloading various formats electronically, troubleshooting and assisting patrons. Attention is paid to the role that computers play in libraries and their impact as well as electronic communication, netiquette, security, ADA, working in networked environments, hardware and software, and developing technology fluency. Students will also learn to transfer from situation to situation, adapting to new technologies as they emerge.

178 Technical Services & Cataloging for Small Libraries (fall) 5
A general introduction to technical services activities, procedures, tools, and systems in small libraries. Areas examined include ordering, receiving, processing, basic cataloging, and preserving library materials in a variety of formats. Focus is on customer-centered technical service practices; efficient management of materials requests; managing acquisitions and cataloging tools budgets; and using print and electronic tools for all aspects of technical services. Provides background for further studies in collection development, acquisitions, cataloging, and preservation.

190 Library Administration and Management (summer) 5
In-depth examination of the principles of library program management, including the management of personnel, facilities, budgets, and services designed to meet the needs of users. Designed to meet the needs of School Librarians and Public Library Practitioners.

195 Collection Development (summer) 3
Exploration of the principles and practices of library collection development in school and public libraries, including mission, policies, assessing user needs, selection tools, and principles such as intellectual freedom. Designed to meet the needs of School Librarians and Public Library Practitioners